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Grilled Bacon and Eggs

Grilling bacon is another one of those cooking secrets nobody seems to think about. Cooking bacon on the grill is extremely easy to do, will create minimal mess and depending how big your gas grill is, allows you to cook a lot of bacon at a time.

First, pre-heat your gas grill to a low temperature, 300-350 degrees F.

Next, place your bacon across the grill and allow to cook.

Flip every now and then. Cook roughly 20 minutes.

The best part about cooking your bacon on the grill is that all the grease drips off into the grill leaving you with next to no cleanup!

Remove bacon from the grill and serve with some eggs. To cook your egg on the grill take a piece of foil, curl up the edges to form a cup or tray and place over rack, spray with cooking spray and fry the egg on the foil. Use on foil cup per egg.  Makes a great fried egg, again with no clean-up.


Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

This is less of an recipe and more of an idea.  Simple, quick but an extreme breakfast for camping, tailgating or just outdoor breakfast.

1 pound bacon
8 eggs
16 slices tomato
16 slices bread

In a cast iron skillet over your grill or outdoor cooker fry up the bacon until crisp, fry eggs in bacon grease.  Toast bread and layer cheese, egg, bacon, tomato, lettuce.  Enjoy.

This recipe is a combination of two great sandwiches.  The bacon, egg and cheese and the BLT.  This combination creates the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich.  Quick and easy.